School kids, values in ruins!!

Okay, having gotten most of my early morning work out of the way, I am settling down (in my office chair, not the sofa) to write this blog.

Last night, while going through the Facebook news feed, I read the following:

A on B’s Wall (A and B are two Class X students of a seemingly conservative Indian city) :

‘Listen Up man, I was selected purely on merit, neither do you have the credentials nor the quality. You’re a wannabe. If you do delete this post, well it’s just sad that you don’t have the guts to face the truth.’

Now, I look at this and I think that it’s just some guy trying to take out his frustration on a public forum and obviously attempting to pick a fight with the other. That’s okay with me. There have been times when I’ve wanted to pick a fight in public just to tell everybody I know and he knows (on Facebook,it is everybody) what I think the other person really is. Thankfully, not due to clear thinking on my part, but because of wise thoughts on part of my family and my closest friends, I have not done any of that and I ‘m extremely happy about it as I think I would have regretted the action later.

Anyway, I returned to Facebook a few hours later and the post had some 30-odd comments on it and the last three as I could see it were:


‘Meri limits teri maa ko pata hain’

C: (not A, but C)

‘Pata hai, plastic ka strap-on hai’


‘Lol if I had a strap-on, you wouldn’t be born’

Shocked as I was, the most overpowering emotion I felt was anger, seething anger. I wonder if I can explain the extent of my displeasure. I felt like I could have killed these three guys. How the hell could anybody have said that? I mean, we abuse, we all abuse, but to say something like this, that implies sleeping with a peer’s mother – that is pure disgusting. Today morning, the count was 109 comments and they just kept getting worse.

All I could think was how these guys could even think such things. I would never expect this of an Indian, living in a city known to be slightly conservative. Absurd. What exactly is wrong with these kids? I fail to understand. What is the problem? Where are we headed? Is this the new India, the shining India?

(These excerpts have been copied verbatim from conversations I read on Facebook).


3 thoughts on “School kids, values in ruins!!

  1. meera says:

    @Sapna thats a good idea let Wordz do it……. check words of the youth!

  2. sapnakakkar says:

    um, yea well. . I’m not a big fan of the whole public forum arguements in the first place, but this is the “facebook generation” we are talking about. they eat breathe poop facebook, in literal terms. (refer to many of their status updates) its annoying, but except for ‘report as spam’ theres nothing much you can do, as for values, we’re being taught by our elders, teachers seniors, for many of them parents who dont have time for the kids to well, survive. what they didnt make clear was, bitterness, angst, vulgarity are not the rules for survival, at most times, ignorance is. like someone once said to me, “you should pick your battles fair and sqaure” How about Wordz arranging a personality development forum for the kids. I’d be more than willing to stub spunk šŸ™‚ let me know. I keep a baseball bat handy. šŸ™‚

  3. meera says:

    ??????? beyond me!

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