4 years ago, when I scored 92.2% in my Class XII boards, I was beside myself with joy.

All my school years, my parents would tell me that I have the potential to get 90% on a consistent basis but I just didn’t care enough for academic success. Even if I did care about my marks, I just couldn’t be persuaded enough to slog for them. I always believed that co-curriculars made a person more of what he/she was than academics, I still do. I have been prompted to write this post by the recent furore over the 100% cut-off of SRCC and ever higher cut-offs from other DU colleges.

I can understand why the students are so worried about this but what thy don’t understand is that it should really not matter. I also felt gutted when I didn’t get through my dream college – St. Stephen’s. Uncharacteristically, I had worked hard in XII to get the core I eventually did, and it had meant a lot to me when I cleared the cut-offs for 2 courses at St. Stephen’s. I think I did well in the interviews. I was first on the waiting list for the B.A course. It was a huge achievement according to me because first on the waiting list meant I would definitely get in now. Ultimately, though that did not happen and despite getting through other decent DU colleges like Hindu, I chose to stay in Chandigarh and studied at DAV College.

Honestly, in the first few months, I really cursed my luck and questioned what I was doing there. Gradually I realised that it’s not the location that matters but the person that you are. People think that they’ll get more opportunities in a place like Delhi, so did I. Now, I believe in creating opportunities rather than looking for them.

During my time at DAV College, I met wonderful people, made great lifelong friends and took part in some activities that I’m absolutely sure I couldn’t have done if I was in Delhi. I organised two national students’ conferences, took part in two national universities youth fests and even represented India at the SAARC youth festival.

And believe me, it doesn’t make any difference which college you graduated from once you start post-graduation or even working. What will matter is your work and work ethic, not the brand you associate with.


10 thoughts on “100%…Really??

  1. Bicycle says:

    I tried to get the rss-Feed but the feed url displays me some crazy xml errors…

  2. Emmie says:

    i tried to get the rssFEED but the feed url displays me some xml errors..

    • batraatin says:

      I’m sorry that u’re not being able to subscribe to the rss feed. I have tried to fin out the problem but have not been able to. I apologize. Thank you for reading my blog and thinking it worthy of subscription. Please consider subscribing to the blog using other means or even following me on twitter, where I make updates of my new blog posts. Thanks.

  3. Anu says:

    A well written post… The other day when my neighbour was speaking about cut offs and the state highest I realised that students with 70-80% might just be so so low in self-esteem just because they didn’t make it to the 90s… I looked around and every person spoke of he got 98 and she got 97! Its sad that even cut-offs at colleges also increased.. But 100% is really too much!! šŸ˜®

    • batraatin says:

      Exactly Anu…we should be more worried about the guys who got 70-80% than the ones who got 97% and missed out. Somehow, I feel that the whole system is falling apart. There has to be some rationale to this. I just read that the second lists have a difference of 0.75%, what is that??

      thanks for reading šŸ™‚

  4. meera says:

    Agree with the first point but there was no question mark after the last line it so i didn’t ask I made a statement my son!

    • meera says:

      sorry no’ it’ and no doubts either about either the real or even imaginary world.

    • batraatin says:

      Ma, the line is ‘Did you live up to it’…I thought you had missed the question mark…

      Anyway, I still do believe that I’ve got some distance to go before the earn the statement of living up to expectations. Let’s see how I fare once I graduate next year and start working šŸ™‚

  5. meera says:

    you cant undermine the role institutions play ,however ,much depends on the person who is ready to accept.
    Well, would like to clarify……… your potential was 100% ,this 90% was allowed to u just to leverage your extracurriculars!Did u live up to it

    • batraatin says:

      Ma, I am not at all trying to undermine the role that institutions play. All i’m trying to say is that even if you do not get into the college you want, one should not despair and create the opportunities that he/she wants.

      Thanks Ma for saying that my potential is 100%…as for living up to it, I haven’t gotten out into the real world…i’ll answer that question in a few years maybe.. šŸ™‚

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