2 S’s – Stanley Beach and Social Media


As I thought, I’ve not been able to post continuously as I was busy with some work. Today’s post is about two S’s – Stanley Beach, Hong Kong and Social Media.

Last time I had blogged about the Happy Valley Racecourse, a must-visit location in Hong Kong. Stanley Beach and Boardwalk also ranks very high in the list of popular tourist spots. Today was my fourth visit to Stanley, the second this summer. As always, I felt the same emotions sweep me. Stanley gives you the impression of Europe. The boardwalk makes you feel as if you were walking along the coast of one of the European rivers.

The Stanley Boardwalk

Along the boardwalk is a line of restaurants serving lip-smacking delicacies that make one believe that it is possible to just sit at one of these restaurants all day long having something or the other. I strongly recommend ‘The Old Smugglers’ Inn’. The decor of the Inn consists of currency notes from countries across the globe pasted on the wall with messages written all over them.

Now for the second part of this blog post – Social Media. Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend about social media. She said something that struck a chord with me: ‘Facebook is for ordinary people, Twitter is for intellectual people’. I thought a lot about what she said and it sort of made sense. The average time of 25 mins a day that we spend on Facebook is spent looking at other people’s walls, their relationship status, their photographs, etc. Whereas, the time that one spends on Twitter is filled with interesting articles, videos, blogs and journals that add to our knowledge and definitely contribute towards making us more aware of the world around us. However, the greater advantage is the conversations that take place on Twitter. Somehow, despite the limit of 140 characters, these conversations are much more illuminating. There are some people on Twitter that engage in creating trouble for celebrities by abusing them and deriding them. My personal favorite is definitely Twitter.

If you wish to discuss this blog with me, lets catch up on Twitter 🙂 My Twitter handle is @batraatin.


4 thoughts on “2 S’s – Stanley Beach and Social Media

  1. socsandshoes says:

    The inn sounds so cool! Go write a travelogue. I will buy it 😀

    I can see some truth in what your friend said. Very insightful! Never thought it that way.

    Though must add here – depends on how you use facebook. I came across many articles, videos, blogs and journals there and learnt so much from them.

    But I do find it hard to write meaningful statements in 140 characters – you definitely need brains for that. I ramble on FB instead 🙂

    • batraatin says:

      i know the inn’s cool..go there every time…my family’s gone to Stanley so many times and every time they go to the Inn…:)

      She did open my eyes to the fact…even i see a lot of articles etc on Facebook but there is no doubt in my mind that Twitter has much more to offer…

      I agree its hard, the 140 characters..but it helps us be clear and concise…i needed someplace to ramble so I do it here!! :):)

  2. ashmita gupta says:

    your friend is quite right…

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