Racing not rambling, and some betting

June 15 2011 shall go down as my first visit to a Racecourse.

A few weeks ago, my Chinese friend Kevin asked me if I wanted to go see the races. I said yes, definitely. I wanted to go and see what the fuss was all about. Why did every Hong Kong citizen suspend their lives on Wednesdays? I mean I know it’s betting, but what’s so special about betting on horses? There are 12 horses and any of them could win. Wouldn’t it be better to invest (or gamble, if you like) your money on a sport where the probability of winning was higher. If you bet on a cricket match or a football match, atleast you’d know one of the 2 teams would win for sure (India if it’s cricket).


Anyway, so we got to the racecourse and visited the museum first. It had old photographs, different types of feed that champion horses over the years liked, old weighing scales and even the skeleton of a horse that had once raced here. Then we walked into the viewing gallery of the racecourse itself. The view was amazing: in front of you are tall buildings most of whom you would also see in a Hong Kong skyline and behind you are the stands, the huge stands divided into so many sections that you can’t count. Each stand is meant for a certain type of clientele and comes with unique perks. My friend Kevin is a season pass holder, so we were allowed to enter the members’ stands. The view from up there just got better. Take a look at this video :….beyond the race track is the skyline I’m talking of.

Now to the interesting part, the races and the betting. The first 3 races I did not bet on, just observed and tried to identify a pattern. Let me warn you: THERE IS NONE. I placed a bet of HK$30 each on the next 4 races and won back $76. The last race turned out to be the best for me because it was the only one in which I made any profit – $2, but still a profit over my investment in that particular race. My mother keeps saying ‘Lucky in Love, Unlucky in Gambling’. Here’s hoping that’s true because I am most certainly not lucky in gambling 🙂

So my advice to everybody who comes to Hong Kong is to definitely go to the Happy Valley Racecourse once. It is a unique experience and a fun way to spend some time with friends.

Lastly, I want to thank Kevin for taking me along to the Racecourse. He has truly made my stay in Hong Kong wonderful by planning new adventures almost every weekend.




3 thoughts on “Racing not rambling, and some betting

  1. meera says:

    life is worth living …thanks to friends!

  2. socsandshoes says:

    Ye kya tha – “there are 12 horses, anyone can win” 😛 that holds true for any kind of racing :O athletics, swimming, motor racing, car racing :O

    I wanna see the photo of the horse skeleton, did you by any chance manage to take one?

    Interesting read and a clean copy 🙂 Thanks for keeping it short.

    • batraatin says:

      I know its the same in other races also…just mentioned it as a reaction to the situation 🙂
      I have added the photos to the post…

      Happy you liked it 🙂

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