Rambling 1.0

I am pursuing an MBA in Marketing and Communications from MICA, a premier communications school in India. I am working on online marketing campaigns for two companies where I’m interning. I manage the social media activity for a students’ organization across 4 platforms. I am an active user of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and social networking softwares like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

YET, it took a conversation with my father to push me to get on the blogosphere. I have been whining for days that there are some times in the office when I have seemingly nothing to do and I indulge myself in doing some personal work. Today morning, while I was still half-asleep, he suggested I develop a website for him to keep myself occupied, something similar to a website that an acquaintance maintains. I thought about it on the way to office. I felt it was a good opportunity for me to try and experiment with that and maybe even how to integrate it with social media. As luck would have it, blogs and social networks are blocked on the wi-fi network at office. My precious iPhone came to the rescue. (Even this is being written using an iPhone app). My search for information proved fruitful and I will be presenting a plan of action to my father in the evening.

Along the way, I said to myself – this is the chance to delve into blogs. So here I am, blogging !!

I’m not too sure if I will be able to maintain this blog (like a previous ill-fated attempt). However, I am hoping that if not daily, I am able to post twice a week at least. The intent is there, the will is there, just need to be determined.

By the way, thanks Dad. Love you, always.



10 thoughts on “Rambling 1.0

  1. Sana says:

    Thumbs up, son ! (hoarse voice)

  2. shivika agarwal says:

    where deres a will dere s a way definately surely..all d best 🙂

  3. ashmita gupta says:

    good that u plan to blog…but just curious…how is it going to help ..i mean wats the purpose really?

    • batraatin says:

      D purpose Ashi is to create nd maintain a social profile where I can record my opinions and thoughts about stuff…it might prove helpful wen other ppl try and search for info abt me…
      Plus it was a way to experiment wid a new platform,like I told u…I plan to start one fr an organization nd need to understand everything dat goes wid it..

  4. sukriti says:

    all the best Atin! This is will truly bring out the best in you.

  5. meera says:

    keep going son!

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