Where do you want to live?

Update: Once again, I’m writing the blog in office. I would’ve written it earlier, but I had a really long marketing meeting in the morning.

Anyway, on the way to office today morning (in the HK MTR), I was thinking about how different life in HK is. I mean people do different things to express themselves, they visit different places and they follow different rules of etiquette. Taking it further, I thought that life in all cities must be different. So, here is a list of a few cities I know of that have widely contrasting yet interesting styles of life.

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School kids, values in ruins!!

Okay, having gotten most of my early morning work out of the way, I am settling down (in my office chair, not the sofa) to write this blog.

Last night, while going through the Facebook news feed, I read the following:

A on B’s Wall (A and B are two Class X students of a seemingly conservative Indian city) :

‘Listen Up man, I was selected purely on merit, neither do you have the credentials nor the quality. You’re a wannabe. If you do delete this post, well it’s just sad that you don’t have the guts to face the truth.’

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4 years ago, when I scored 92.2% in my Class XII boards, I was beside myself with joy.

All my school years, my parents would tell me that I have the potential to get 90% on a consistent basis but I just didn’t care enough for academic success. Even if I did care about my marks, I just couldn’t be persuaded enough to slog for them. I always believed that co-curriculars made a person more of what he/she was than academics, I still do. I have been prompted to write this post by the recent furore over the 100% cut-off of SRCC and ever higher cut-offs from other DU colleges.

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Lazy days

Today morning, while I was getting ready for office, I realised how much I missed my childhood, how much I missed those lazy days.

Before you start shaking your head in disagreement let me say that I do spend some days lazing around even now, but those days were different. I guess it’s because I didn’t have a care in the world or I just couldn’t be bothered to worry about my studies, examinations, future, etc.. The two vivid ‘types of lazy days’ I could remember were the ones I spent at my grandparents’.

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2 S’s – Stanley Beach and Social Media


As I thought, I’ve not been able to post continuously as I was busy with some work. Today’s post is about two S’s – Stanley Beach, Hong Kong and Social Media.

Last time I had blogged about the Happy Valley Racecourse, a must-visit location in Hong Kong. Stanley Beach and Boardwalk also ranks very high in the list of popular tourist spots. Today was my fourth visit to Stanley, the second this summer. As always, I felt the same emotions sweep me. Stanley gives you the impression of Europe. The boardwalk makes you feel as if you were walking along the coast of one of the European rivers.

The Stanley Boardwalk

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Racing not rambling, and some betting

June 15 2011 shall go down as my first visit to a Racecourse.

A few weeks ago, my Chinese friend Kevin asked me if I wanted to go see the races. I said yes, definitely. I wanted to go and see what the fuss was all about. Why did every Hong Kong citizen suspend their lives on Wednesdays? I mean I know it’s betting, but what’s so special about betting on horses? There are 12 horses and any of them could win. Wouldn’t it be better to invest (or gamble, if you like) your money on a sport where the probability of winning was higher. If you bet on a cricket match or a football match, atleast you’d know one of the 2 teams would win for sure (India if it’s cricket).


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Rambling 1.0

I am pursuing an MBA in Marketing and Communications from MICA, a premier communications school in India. I am working on online marketing campaigns for two companies where I’m interning. I manage the social media activity for a students’ organization across 4 platforms. I am an active user of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and social networking softwares like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.

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