Ra.One: Is it really a flop?

First of all, you don’t have the right to hate him for making such a movie. Even if you do, please look at the figures for Ra.One’s opening. It was released simultaneously in 3,500 screens across the globe. Day 1 earned a gross of Rs. 26.5 crores, while Day 2 raked in Rs. 36 crores gross. It is the highest collections for a Bollywood movie in a day.

SRK didn’t say he was making a ‘Superman’/’Spiderman’, he simply said he was making an entertaining superhero film and the movie definitely delivers on that so really shut up.


Do take a look at this review, which reflects my views perfectly.


Brand-mash 1


I know I have not been regular on my blog and that this post is coming after a break of almost 3 weeks. But, I have been settling in at MICA, my new-yet-familiar surroundings. I do promise to be more regular henceforth.

Today, while going through my first year assignments, I came upon a very interesting assignment I had created for my Brand Management class. I am very proud of this assignment as I put in a lot of effort in it. I hit upon the idea of starting a new section on my blog.

As the title suggests, I am going to be reviewing a brand’s life cycle and advertising campaigns, etc. Anything that I think worth mentioning with respect to the way a brand communicates, I shall add to the presentation.

My first presentation is attached below. I created this one on my favorite brand: Apple :).

BM Assignment_Atin Batra

I hope you liked it. Lastly, two things:

1. Please do not plagiarise. I would really appreciate it if you did not copy it and if you do please do not forget to mention me.

2. Feedback 🙂 in the comments section..

P.S. I plan to make this a weekly affair. Hopefully, I am able to add more stuff at better than once-a-week.

Where do you want to live?

Update: Once again, I’m writing the blog in office. I would’ve written it earlier, but I had a really long marketing meeting in the morning.

Anyway, on the way to office today morning (in the HK MTR), I was thinking about how different life in HK is. I mean people do different things to express themselves, they visit different places and they follow different rules of etiquette. Taking it further, I thought that life in all cities must be different. So, here is a list of a few cities I know of that have widely contrasting yet interesting styles of life.

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